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 Ville Roempke
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Ville Roempke 
 Master of the Jamtlandic Old-time Playing Style  

Ville Roempke is a musician, writer, lecturer and radio producer living in Östersund, Jamtland (Sweden). 

Ville Roempke plays music in the tradition from Lapp-Nils, Nils Jonsson (1804-1870), the most famous and distinguished folk fiddler in the province. Ville Roempke has studied the Lapp-Nilsí Music for 30 years. He has learned this style from five fiddlers from Offerdal and Hotagen, all born at the end of the nineteenth century.  More info 

Ville Roempke  began to study Jamtlandic old-time playing style some thirty years ago when he first heard and recorded a couple of good old fiddlers born on the last decades of the nineteenth century. The music characterizes in light bowing and lively rhythm, different tunings, triplets in the polska-melodies and the use of an old-fashioned way to intonate certain notes in the scale. 
[Listen to some of this in  "Gammal jämtländsk brudmarsch" 

Ville Roempke finds the Jamtlandic old-time playing style very  interesting and it has brought him into the willow flute with its natural harmonic scale. 
 Ville Roempke has created hundreds of tape recordings, articles and radio programs. He also has written books and recorded albums. Some of those you will find below: 


Kvärnkalln                                 [List of tunes]  
Jämtpolskor på sälgflöjt och fiol 
Ville Roempke 
The Album contains folk music from  the mountain district in Jämtland played on the fiddle and the willow flute. More info 

Erik Nirsa låtar                          [List of tunes]  
Ville Roempke med Olle Simonsson & Richard Näslin 
Tunes after the  Jamtlandic folk fiddler "Erik Ersa"  

"Som fjällbäckens porlande"      [list of tunes]     
"As the murmer of the mountain brook" 
by Leikstulaget (The Dance Cottage Players)  


Special Re-issue 

Mitt uti Jämtland                           [list of tunes]  
by Leikstulaget  
(The Dance Cottage Players) 

  Special Re-issue for Folk Music Enthusiasts 

Read Ville Roempke's book about the
the legendary  Jamtlandic folk fiddler!!!
På spelmansfärd med Lapp-Nils
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this exellent book to English!!!

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